5 quick picks.
£1k+* up for grabs.

Big5, more than just a bet.

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*Estimated 2022 Prize Pool – 2021 PL average Big5 Prize Pool was £5,000

Big5: GW 34 PL - 23/24


Latest winners

Gameweek 33

Entries 344
Pot £1,376
End 14/04/24
1 RobIsRod £353.16
2 Mitrosonfire £73.23
3 AP Jay £50.65
4 Donaldo7 £41.62
5 Jay £32.59

Gameweek 32

Entries 330
Pot £1,320
End 09/04/20
1 Denniswillis £337.95
2 marmitean £70.26
3 Shep Raven £48.68
4 Keeno85 £40.04
5 Chelseanick £30.33
5 Nightshirt £30.33

Gameweek 31

Entries 244
Pot £1,000
End 04/04/24
1 DOR £261.33
2 Oaksy59 £55.34
3 Adrian niga £38.73
4 McMc £32.08
5 T.McL £25.44

Why is Big5 more than just a bet

Chances of winning

Top 25% of entries always win, plus it's an uncapped prize pool!

More than an acca

It’s not over until the last match. Come from behind and win

Live leaderboard

Climb the leaderboard and beat your mates to win money

More control

Fixed stake to enter & up to 10 entries each Gameweek

Iphone with screenshot of predictor game

How to play

It's a simple game with only a few decisions to make. Play it safe, take some risks or just go with your gut!

1. Predict

Predict the correct results of 5 games to earn points. Home, draw or away. Simple.

2. Boosters

Distance your score from other players by answering 3 Boosters. Your chance to nail goal, score or card related questions to boost your score!

3. Watch

See that goal fly in?! See the changes on the live leaderboard and how your predictions compare to other players.

Upcoming games

GW 34 PL - 23/24

Entries 0
Pot Guaranteed £1,000
Shu Bur
Wol Ars
Cry Whu
Avl Bou
Ful Liv

GW 35 PL - 23/24

Entries 0
Pot Guaranteed £1,000
Ful Cry
Mnu Bur
Avl Che
Tot Ars
Nfo Mci
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What our players say

Accas are like pissing in the dark whereas with this there’s actually a methodical approach try and win something

When you looked at the prize pot you had a relatively decent chance of getting your money back, whereas an acca you’re just sitting there with your fingers crossed hoping everything comes in.