About Us

Welcome to Rock The Goat, the home of sports games you can actually win.

Our goal is to create a betting experience where you stand a genuine chance of winning, where you can play against your mates, and where above all you can have fun!

Our quick prediction games have been built with love and care, and we hope that shows when you play them. We set up our games to prevent more professional players from winning them, instead making sure everyone has an equal chance. We also cap the entries in our games as we genuinely believe in responsible gambling. Of course it’s about having some skin in the game, but that should only serve to bring you closer to the action.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing along with us!


What is Rock The Goat?
Rock The Goat is the home of sports games you can actually win. We believe we offer something different to traditional betting sites – try our games and see! Rock The Goat is our B2C brand that is brought to you by Network Gaming. See our Terms of Service for more details.

What happened to Football Survivor?
Sadly Football Survivor went into liquidation in 2021, so we decided to acquire the Football Survivor trade mark and database to give you the chance to play the famous game again. It’s the same game – just bigger and better!

What happened to my money on Football Survivor?
Network Gaming (t/a Rock The Goat) did not acquire the company Football Survivor. It only purchased the trade mark and the database, not the technology nor its liabilities. Network Gaming is therefore not responsible for any losses you incurred with Football Survivor.

I had a bad experience with Football Survivor. Can you make it up to me?
We’d like to hear your story. Please contact us at support@networkgaming.co.uk and we will see what we can do!

When is your next game?
Our next Survivor game opens on Friday February 18. Entries close Saturday March 5 at 12.15pm.

How do I sign up for Rock The Goat?
You can sign up for free via email here. Just fill in the required fields and get playing!

How does the Survivor game work?
It costs £10 to enter with a prize pool of £30k+. All you have to do is pick a Premier League team to win each week. Get four picks right and you’ll be in the money. Go all the way and you’ll bag the jackpot!

Can I play against my friends?
We are launching a mini-league feature soon, so watch this space!

Will I be able to play other games?
We are planning to launch Big5, a ‘quick picks’ football game, in 2022 as well as a horse racing game. You’ll be able to play those games alongside Survivor.

Who can play at Rock The Goat?
If you are 18 or over and living in the UK, you can play.

Who should I contact with any questions about Rock The Goat?
You can reach us at support@networkgaming.co.uk.